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Here we would like to take the time to showcase the artist's; Monika Marianna Kiss' previous fine art exhibitions and provide you with an expert's critique on the style, technique and numerous original features the artist employs within her masterpieces. 


With experience as an art dealer, art critic, gallery owner, owner of the largest collection of Roberto Matta works in the world and author of several books, Mr. Monahan was kind enough to provide a critique and review of many of my works.

Thomas R. Monahan

French Postwar & Contemporary Artist (1951-) 

As a French Postwar and Contemporary artist Mr. DuPont is a critically acclaimed artist with a global reach.  Nothing is more humbling than encouragement and praise from a fellow artist. 

“Cézanne, said “I speak painting.” “I went to see your artwork, and as a fellow artist, I respect the spiritual research and soul in your work…all my best wishes”

Albert Dupont 


Mr. Sagi, is an artist and Art Gallery Owner for  25 years in Miami.

Mr. Sagi is an artist, retired gallery owner, art dealer and entrepreneur of Hungarian descent.  He brings a unique cultural perspective, from both the religious and nationalistic perspectives that speak to his heart:
“Upon first seeing her work, I immediately recognized Monika’s outstanding and unique talent. She’s a terrific artist that combines a lifetime of experience that speaks to all of us.  But the beauty is in the interpretation: for it’s our own!”

Istvan Sagi


Renowned Hungarian Artist and Fashion Designer

Formally trained and educated, Mrs. Becker is one of Hungary’s most esteemed fashion designers and artists.  She not only creates art and jewelry, but collects it and has an eye for works that stand out as significant contributions. 
“I am amazed by the view she creates with her work; it’s a view into a truly magical world. It’s a spiritual experience, a mind trip, and nothing short of soulful and uplifting. Our minds can’t help but interpret an infinite number messages in the symbolism of her works.”

Beatrice Becker



Miami welcomed Monika at the world famous Rusty Pelican with her first exhibition.  The works were rivaled only by the breathtaking backdrop Biscayne Bay and the Miami skyline.  The exhibition featured some of Monika’s larger and earlier works and was received very well by the public. 

Rusty Pelican, Miami

Rusty Pelican Miami
Thasos Greek Restuarant Fort Luaderdale

Numerous works where exhibited at the Thasos Greek Restaurant, a Fort Lauderdale restaurant, known not only for it’s first class Greek cuisine, but also for supporting local artist.  Monika enjoys exhibitions in less formal environments where she has ample opportunity to meet with fellow art lovers from various walks of life.  And the food was spectacular!

Thasos Greek Restaurant,
Fort Lauderdale 

Sher Galleries, established in 1970, was designed to be an inspiration to connoisseurs, collectors and art lovers. The Gallery is unique in the diversity of its artworks.  Monika’s works are now on permanent exhibition one of south Florida’s oldest and most respected galleries.

Sher Gallery 
Hallandale Beach, Florida

Screen Shot 2023-01-26 at 3.54.31 PM.png

One of Miami’s finest art galleries with an impressive following of patrons and an exhaustive list of the most well-known contemporary and modern of artist.

G Gallery Art
Miami, Florida

Monika had the pleasure of displaying her art at the prestigious Hilton Beach Resort for three days during a private wine event. The guests enjoyed a gastronomical and art-filled exhibition at the beautiful Hilton Resort. 

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort


Miss Kiss recently exhibited her artwork at a juried fine art show in Boca Raton, Florida. Her artwork was praised for its vivid colours and attention to detail. She was commended by the judges for her ability to capture emotion in her pieces. Miss Kiss is an accomplished artist whose artwork stands out in the art world.

Boca Raton Fine art show
boca raton, Florida (feb 25/26,2023)

Bitton Art
Las olas walk, 2023

Monika had the pleasure of being invited to display 5 of her beautiful pieces on Las Olas Walk under Bitton Art's organized exhibition. There, her work was paired up with live music and fine wine to enhance the experience for all guests of the exhibition. 


Bitton Art: Las Olas "Walk of Art"


SHoutout miami, 
Miami Florida (05/17/2023)

Miss Kiss was interviewed and published for her unique designs and talent in Shoutout Miami's Spring publication. In this article, she further dissects why and how she become an artist. 

Screen Shot 2023-05-17 at 1.05.59 PM.png

Edina Gombos
Itt van amerika 2023


Miss Kiss was interviewed by the famous Hungarian reporter Edina Gombos where they discuss art, women-owned businesses and life. (The interview is in Hungarian)

Alexander Margin
New York 2023

Renowned pianist and composer Mr. Margin collaborated with Miss Kiss on a special piece of acoustic piano inspired by her work. Mr. Margin's masterful composition and the artist's work combined created an out-of-this-world acoustic piano experience.

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