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Monika Marianna Kiss was born in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary in 1970.  Despite being raised during the Russian communist occupancy, she, and her older brother, were always taught the value of the fine arts.  Monika is an award-winning opera singer, composer, actor, dancer, and painter. She embraces the spiritual and studies all the religions of the world believing that art, for her, is the physical embodiment of her spiritualty.  She not only draws direct inspiration from Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism, among others, but also attempts to unveil the spiritual cohesion that exists between, and which transcends, the religions of the world, i.e. the Metaphysical.  She’s lived and visited many places in the world and drawn influence from her experiences in Hungary, Morocco, Israel, France, Italy, India, and the United States of America.


Her paintings are primarily abstract expressionist, but exhibit some elements of cubisim, madhubani, warli, and quarnic styles, all, while playing with geometric “imperfection”.  She utilizes impastic techniques to create more depth and richness in her work and brings to the fore impressions of time and space utilizing mixed media on canvas.  She utilizes a strong and vibrant color pallet that is meant to invigorate the soul.  She sees beauty in imperfection; the lines are straight, but not perfectly so, as we are all imperfectly beautiful.  While she believes the interpretations of her art are for the audience, the subject matter is truly personal.  When working on her craft, her spiritual philosophies and beliefs are distilled into the potent condensate that is her art.

From the artist...

I feel art should summon emotion upon the soul, otherwise it’s not art.  But that’s only the floor. Does the artist want to convey a specific message, or does she leave it to the observer to take her own path?  I lean toward the latter, but I always create with a specific and intended message.  I try, through my work, to simultaneously ask and answer the questions that have confounded woman-kind throughout our existence.  I attempt to do this by combining religious and metaphysical perspectives that help to calm the complexities and intricacies of the subject matter.  In all cases I want the observer to feel energized as they reflect on the images I’ve created. 


I humbly present my work and hope that you enjoy the experience.  I am forever grateful for the opportunity.

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